I am the course director of UCL's MSc in Biodiversity and Global Change. This course aims to equip students with the theoretical background, applied knowledge and analytical skills required for a career in the environmental sciences (including careers in government, NGOs, research organisations, academia or the media, to name a few). If you have questions about the content of the course, please send me an email. For administrative/application queries, please email the course administrator.

I organize and teach a UCL module Computational Methods in Biodiversity Research. This module covers the basics of coding in R, simple statistical tests (such as ANOVA and linear regression), and the more complex statistical methods often used in ecological research today (e.g., mixed-effects models).

I have published some of my materials on R and statistics in R here:

  1. Introduction to R
  2. Statistics
  3. Introduction to PREDICTS
    1. I also teach lectures on population biology, extinction risk and biodiversity indicators for a 3rd/4th year undergraduate course in conservation biology.