New paper on the combined future impacts of land-use and climate change on biodiversity

My paper predicting the future impacts of climate and land-use change has just been published in Proceedings of the Royal Society. A nice summary of the paper is given in an article on Carbon Brief.

Robyn Kinnersley starts her masters project

Robyn Kinnersley has started her masters project with me, investigating how European pollinators respond to land use.

Abbie Chapman joins the team

Abbie Chapman joins the team today. She will be working on the SENTINEL Project.

PREDICTS in the IPBES land degradation report

Our predictions of biodiversity patterns from the PREDICTS Project were included in the Summary for Policymakers of the land degradation report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services.

Joe Millard starts his PhD project

Joe Millard starts his PhD project today, investigating how land use and climate are influencing pollinator communities.

Seminar at Queen Mary University of London

I am giving a seminar in the Organismal Biology and Biological and Experimental Psychology Seminar Series at Queen Mary University of London, on 15th March 2018. See here for more details.

Joined the editorial board of Biology Letters

I have just joined the editorial board of the journal Biology Letters.

The present and future of biodiversity in African grasslands and savannas

We have just published a paper as part of our Dynamics of African Ecosystems Project, predicting the status and future trends of biodiversity in the tropical grasslands and savannas of Africa using two very different modelling approaches: the statistical models from the PREDICTS Project and the process-based Madingley Model.

Symposium on predicting change in biodiversity and ecosystem function

We are holding a symposium on predicting changes in biodiversity loss and consequences for ecosystem function, as part of the London Centre for Ecology & Evolution. Register here. Submit your abstracts for a talk or poster here. We are bringing together scientists tackling this problem using very different methods and working on different systems. Confirmed keynote speakers are Amanda Bates, Andy Hector, Nathalie Pettorelli, Peter Verburg, Cristina Banks-Leite, Adriana De Palma, Michelle Jackson, Felix Eigenbrod, Kate Jones and me.

Subject editor for Ecography

I have just become a subject editor for the journal Ecography.

Comparing PREDICTS models for Africa with independent field data

A paper led by Martin Jung was published today. The study compared models of how biodiversity responds to land use across the whole of Africa (using the just-published data from the PREDICTS Project) with independent field data from two localities that Martin collected during his masters course. The study also investigated some of the factors that might have been responsible for the observed differences between the Africa-wide models and the independent field data.

PREDICTS database published

The PREDICTS database was published today on the Natural History Museum's data portal. The database is described in an accompanying paper in Ecology & Evolution.

Cambridge Conference on Catastrophic Risk

I am talking about biodiversity loss today at the inaugural Cambridge Conference on Catastrophic Risk.

We are hiring

We are looking for a postdoc to work on the Dynamics of African Ecosystems Project. See here for more details.

Royal Society University Research Fellowship

I start today on a Royal Society University Research fellowship, investigating the combined impacts of land-use and climate change on ecological communities.

Seminar at Sussex University

I am giving a seminar this Thursday (29th September), entitled 'Predicting changes in local biodiversity under human pressures', for the School of Life Sciences at Sussex University.

Effects of habitat loss and fragmentation simulated using the Madingley Model

A paper using the Madingley Model, led by Lewis Bartlett, was published today. It explores the effects on ecosystem structure of the combined and interacting effects of habitat loss and habitat fragmentation.

Biodiversity change in Colombia

A paper was published today led by Susy Echeverría-Londoño, quantifying change in the species composition of ecological communities in Colombia.

Biodiversity inside and outside protected areas

An open-access paper led by Claudia Gray and Sam Hill showing that biodiversity is higher inside than outside protected areas, even where humans have modified the habitat, was published today. The paper received some coverage in the media.

Biodiversity loss past proposed safe limits across most of the world's land surface

A new paper shows that biodiversity loss as a result of land-use change has exceeded the proposed planetary boundary across most of the world's land surface. This paper received good coverage in the media. The full version of the paper is behind a paywall, but you can download an unformatted version here.