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My research aims to understand how biodiversity is changing in response to recent environmental change, and to predict how biodiversity will change in future. I am also interested in the consequences of biodiversity change for human societies. To address these questions, my work centres around the development of large-scale models of biodiversity and ecosystems.

I am based in the Centre for Biodiversity & Environment Research at University College London.

Current opportunities

I have no specific opportunities at present. See here for general enquiries.

Latest news

A new paper from the PREDICTS Project has been published. We show that human use of the land consistently favours widespread species and removes localized species. The paper was covered on the BBC and Le Monde.

Philippa Oppenheimer and Georgina Hislop have joined the team. They are both working on the SENTINEL Project.

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You can find more information about my research on these webpages, and also from the following websites:

General information: ORCID
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